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Manuscript editing

If you have a ready manuscript and need an editor, let’s explore what we can do together. Editing has been my bread and butter for almost 40 years now. As a Consulting Editor for about a decade with the World Bank in Washington D.C. (and for a short period with UNICEF), I have edited over a hundred books, papers and reports. As an editor with Oxford & IBH Publishing House, I have edited academic books. And as an editor of magazines, newspapers and websites, I have covered the entire gamut of editing types -- copy editing, line editing, substantive editing, and developmental editing.

Copy and line editing of articles, books, digital content, theses, brochures, marketing material and more…

As a look at my resume will reveal, I have extensive experience in editing all these products. I go way beyond merely mopping up grammar and syntax errors. Depending on what is required, I can tighten the writing, free it from clichés and redundancies, help clarify and enhance your text, flag incorrect and inconsistent passages, provide creative inputs, etc.


I am available to write short or long-form articles, social media posts, website content, blogs, and contribute to guidebooks, coffee table books, etc. I enjoy writing for both print and online media. My interests are many and varied – culture, society, development, environment, human rights, travel, films and books, gender, ageing, etc.


The combination of reporting and writing has greatly enhanced my research skills over the course of a long career. Times have changed and one has moved from doing legwork and library reading to working the phone and the internet. However, the ability to ask the right questions, zero in on the heart of the matter, and separate the grain from the chaff, is still intact.

Mentoring and Teaching

It’s time to pass on the knowledge and experience. I have trained several copy editors and writers on the job, many of whom have by now forged illustrious careers with national and international media. Although I am not available to take in-person group workshops and give lectures (virtual, yes), I’m happy to work one-on-one with sincere and motivated individuals.


There’s no telling how much I’ve come to admire Nishi, her patience and her skills with the written word. As one of the first copy editors under whom I worked, Nishi made my amateur copies worthy of being published and for that I’ll always be grateful. But more than just being a copy editor, Nishi was a mentor to everyone in the team, including me. She showed us the virtue of paying attention to detail and of being patient with each other. By asking us numerous questions about our copies (as against taking our word for it) and letting us in on her editing process, Nishi helped us become better reporters and writers.

Abhishek Mande Bhot
Digital Content Lead at Tata Sons.

I worked with Nishi many years back and it was a learning experience for me as well as others in the team to attain a better grasp over writing, structure and editing. She's definitely among the most refined writers and editors I have worked with and it was an absolute pleasure. Nishi has always dug deep into a topic and been thorough with her research and presentation. Anyone working with Nishi for high quality content creation or editing will not ever be disappointed.

Anuja Lath
CEO – Red Alkemi

Nishi is one of the best human beings i know. Talented as a writer and editor, with an exceptional social conscience and consciousness and personal ethics. She would be an asset to any place /people with whom she would be associated.”

Ishan Raina
Strategic Advisor at Rainshine Entertainment

Nishi is a skilled editor and writer, with a unique talent for refining and repairing copy, and for writing sharp and compelling articles. She is well-read and widely-travelled and channels a modern and cosmopolitan perspective into her work.

Joeanna Rebello Fernandes
Consultant Editor at The Open Space Society – The Sheet.

It's been my privilege to have had Nishi as my first editor. Her incredible eye for detail catches everything, from inconsistencies in character voice to grammar errors and everything in between. Always warm and helpful, she also has a terrific professional ethic and great editorial instincts, both of which helped me become a better writer. What I especially loved was that she would significantly improve my story while preserving my personal voice and style. In short, it was amazing to work under Nishi and I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Sanchari Pal
Head of Content
The Better India

Nishi is the one who mentored me when I started writing for The Better India. Her editing would make my stories look so much better. Not only did she edit them whole heartedly, rewriting each sentence to look better, she would also constantly tell me how and where I can improve. Praises from her would make my day, because that meant that the story was genuinely good. She would have her eye on tiny details like the opening lines or the climax of the story and of course the flow. It was such a pleasure working with this beautiful mentor of mine!!

Manabi Katoch
Editor – Hindi
The Better India

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